Whether it’s your entire home or just a closet, professional organizing services can help you transform your home into the harmonious and relaxing space you desire.

Sorting through your personal belongings or years of accumulation can be overwhelming. There is often an emotional component in our relationship to our stuff. My first priority is for you to feel supported and heard. I’ll work alongside you as you let go of unwanted items and find places for the items you value. I will never pressure you to let go of items you aren’t sure about or push you out of your comfort zone. You always set the pace and dictate the process.

Life is all about change and transition. Be it downsizing, retirement, blending households, career change, empty nesting, new baby, moving and setting up a new home – life transitions can throw our old systems and spaces into disarray.

Sometimes you simply notice you are spending a lot of your time traversing clutter and avoiding overstuffed closets.  As life happens we often accumulate things and habits that get in the way of the actual living. As you release unwanted items and rebuild pleasing and efficient spaces you will reduce your stress, feel more in control and notice that you actually have more space than you thought you did. With a well-organized home you can spend more of your time and energy on what truly matters.

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